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Systems architecture

UX design

Sotheby's Sealed is a secure auction platform that allows buyers from all over the world to bid on high-end cars, rare collectibles, and fine art.

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An ambitious project

The world's premier auction house for art and luxury collectibles, Sotheby's has fully embraced digital platforms to remain competitive.

They approached us with a plan to take the time-honoured tradition of sealed-bid auctions to a global, online audience. Not only that, but the items up for sale would be some of the world's most valuable cars and other high-end luxury collectibles.

We were to build the auction platform from scratch. It had to be easy to use and convey the excitement of an in-person sealed-bid auction, and of course it had to be one hundred percent secure.

A high-stakes mission

Our task was to develop a world-class web auction experience that reflected the Sotheby's brand, with highest priority given to ensuring top-tier security for international buyers.

To meet the demands of the project, our team employed a cutting-edge tech stack, including Styled Components, TypeScript, Next.js, Nest, GraphQL, Urql, and TypeORM. With these innovative technologies, we developed a seamless, responsive, and highly functional platform that exceeds current industry standards.

Strongly typed PL
Monorepo solution
React website framework
Styled components
A blazing-fast GraphQL client
ORM for TypeScript