The National Lottery

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UX design

The Icelandic National Lottery was an instant success when it launched in 1986, and has in the years since become a cultural staple. In addition to lottery games, they also operate Icelandic Sports Betting, an organization founded in 1952 that is owned by the The National Olympic and Sports Association.

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The project

With printed paper tickets on the way out, their website is the primary sales channel for both lottery games and sports betting. Our task was to refresh and rebuild the whole thing from the ground up.

Each organisation has three different, very colourful gaming brands, and we needed to figure out a way to allow them all to shine equally while keeping a cohesive overall look and feel.

Design language

To make the colors stand out, we decided on a neutral base with bronze tones for contrast.

For typography, we needed something fun and bold that would work across all six brands. We chose Walsheim from Grilli Type for the all-important numbers, headlines and CTA button labels, with Inter as a dependable companion.

Sports betting

The sports betting games have a loyal user base accustomed to navigating complex gaming systems. Our aim was to modernise the interface, and make the games more approachable, while accommodating the habits and preferences of more experienced players.

We focused on improving legibility, touch-device usability and the overall user experience.

Lottery games

While simpler than the sports betting games, the three lottery games came with their own challenges. Our design focus was similar in that we aimed to modernise the interface, and to improve the overall user experience while staying true to established patterns.